PIANOFIT® – patent & trademark

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New music stand for grand pianos puts scores closer to the keys.                          

The integrated stand of a grand piano is positioned significantly higher than that of a piano. For many piano players the distance between the score and the keys appears too far, both the pianistic implementation is difficult, and it can lead to physical problems. Not only amateurs and professionals such as Chinese pianist Haiou Zhang see an urgent need for correction.


The patented PIANOFIT® solves this problem in an elegant way.

Addressed as users are not only pianists, piano teachers, accompanists and institutions such as music schools, universities and theaters, but also children and families whose grand piano is used by several generations. The newly developed PIANOFIT® supports any pianistic activities on the grand piano. It can be settled on demand as needed to the eye level of the user and the appropriate angle in one grip. The PIANOFIT® can be placed upon or in place of the integrated grand piano desk.


In which different ways can the PIANOFIT® be used when making music?

1. The height adjustment of the PIANOFIT® lowers the scores to any individually suitable position.
2. Children benefit the most of it when they are playing on a grand. The PIANOFIT® is growing with them untill they are adults.
3. Teachers often apply the method to make their pupils play without looking at the hands. If the PIANOFIT® is fixed to the lowest position the hands are concealed.
4. Choirmasters or pianists leading chamber music groups playing a grand at the same time can adjust the angle of the PIANOFIT®. By this they can look at the score and equally communicate with their music partners.
5. The PIANOFIT®may also simply be placed on top of the integrated stand in the grand. By this the lid can stay open and still the scores can be lowered.
6. The PIANOFIT®can be placed on the frame inside the grand instead of the integrated one if you want to adjust the tilt angle to a very low position e.g. during a concert.